Tendencias del cambio climático en la Demarcación Hidrográfica de Manabí

  • Campos Cedeño Antonio Fermín Universidad Técnica de Manabí
  • Mendoza Álava Junior Orlando Universidad Técnica de Manabí


AbstractThe Manabí Hydrographic Demarcation (DHM) is characterized as the only one that does not receive input from Andes Mountains, therefore, its water network is fed exclusively by the rainfall that occurs in the rainy season and that the warm current of El Niño plays a fundamental role in its production.

In order to have technical information, important for the planning, control and development of the water resources of the DHM, in this research is made a temporal analysis of the monthly precipitation for 55 years, period 1963-2017. The National Institute of Hydrology and Meteorology of Ecuador (INAMHI) in station M005, located in the Botanical Garden of the Technical University of Manabí (Universidad Técnica de Manabí) in Portoviejo, obtained these records.

An analysis is made of the monthly and annual patterns, establishing that the El Niño events that occurred in 1983, 1997 and 1998, have set guidelines for the change in rainwater production at the intensity and temporal distribution levels, increasing the months of drought, while the levels of rainfall increase, concentrating in fewer months, basically in February and March. This is a situation that increases the water deficit especially when there is not enough infrastructure of hydraulic works for the storage and regulation of runoff.


Index TermsHydrology, rainfall, monthly distribution, annually distribution, climate change, El Niño phenomenon


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